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Huge Thumbs Up to Supercatracing.com

For the past couple of months, I’ve been meaning to check out the much-hyped Supercatracing.com website, which is owned by Marty Russon and Tony Marcontonio, who drives the J.D. Byrider racing catamaran. Well, I finally got to it and I have good and bad news.

The bad? Brace yourselves: The longer news stories lack frequent paragraph breaks, which makes them hard to read.

The good? Everything else about the site. First, thanks to clean layout and photos courtesy of ace shooters such as Tim Sharkey, the site is a pleasure to view.

Second, the site is easy to navigate. Supercatracing.com did not take the “kitchen sink” approach and weigh down the site with needless navigation to pages that don’t matter. Top navigation catergories are: Video Archive, News, Race Schedules, Teams, Photos, Racing Forum and Live Race Coverage. That’s it.

This last item, “Live Race Coverage,” is what I found most intriguing. I’ve watched a lot of live webcast coverage of late—as a former surfer I’ve managed to squander a lot of time watching surfing contests online this year—and it’s come a long way from the “guaranteed to crash your browser” crap it used to be. Giant gains in bandwidth have transformed this once-infuriating technology into something viable. Realizing this, webcast producers—some anyway—have upped their production values.

That’s definitely the case for the coming live webcasts—the first will be the OPA Race from Ocean City, Md., on May 30—from Supercatracing.com.

“In the past years, we used one camera for our live webcasts, just as sort of ‘proof of concept,’” Russon told me earlier today. “This year, we’re using multiple cameras, so our webcasts will look more like television shows.”

I’m looking forward to squandering a lot of time on them.