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Howes’ New York To Miami Record Attempt Update: ‘It’s Not Over Till It’s Over’

Though heavy seas and rough weather forced Mike and Sarah Howe—the adventuresome couple behind the wildly successful Howe2Live YouTube channel—to head for dry land in St. Augustine, Fla., yesterday, their attempt to establish a new offshore powerboat endurance record from New York to Miami isn’t finished. The existing record of 19 hours and 17 minutes is off the table as they had to bring their MTI 440X catamaran powered by Mercury Racing 500R outboard engines to port, but they are currently back on the Atlantic Ocean and heading toward Miami literally as fast as they can.

Presently running to Miami as fast as they can in their 44-foot MTI catamaran, Mike and Sarah Howe have a new objective. Photo courtesy Howe2Live.

Because the outboard-engine-powered vessel record for the run is still attainable.

“We are heading back down to the Miami right now because the outboard record for this run is 40 hours,” Mike Howe said in a quick phone message minutes before they left the docks. “if we can get can down there to Miami by 8:10 p.m. we break the record for outboards from New York to Miami. That’s what we’re after now. That’s the game plan.

“So it’s not over till it’s over,” he added, then laughed. “We’ll be on the water for the next five or six hours but we’ll check in as soon as we get to Miami.”

This is a developing story. Look for updates on the Howe’s record attempt as they become available this afternoon. Speedonthewater.com will publish a comprehensive feature on the couple’s latest and most ambitious adventure to date next week.

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