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Howard Completes Wild 28 SCS Catamaran

At first glance, the latest 28 SCS catamaran from Howard Custom Boats bears practically zero resemblance to what normally comes out of the company’s Valencia, Calif., facility. But that’s why custom is part of the company’s name.

Powered by a Mercury Racing HP700SCi engine, Howard Custom Boats' bright new 28 SCS sport catamaran will be delivered to Texas in early July.

Powered by a Mercury Racing HP700SCi engine, Howard Custom Boats’ bright new 28 SCS sport catamaran will be delivered to Texas in early July.

Featuring a bright yellow and green gelcoat complemented with blue and magenta accents, the new 28-foot sport cat was taken for a quick test run on a local lake late last week and will be delivered to its Texas-based owner in early July.

“This boat is so wild it’s unbelievable,” said Gene Willen, who owns the company with his son, Mike. “When the owner asked me about colors, I told him he could have anything he wanted. So he emailed us a sketch, and for a minute I thought he was joking. So I told him the colors weren’t what we’re attuned to doing, but let’s see how it comes out. I later found out, he wanted to use the colors to match his three exotic cars and his magenta motorcycle, which the boat would be parked next to in his garage.

“The owner worked with Mike to fine tune the graphics and when it came out of the mold, I have to be honest, it was bizarre looking,” he continued. “But as it came together, it really became a neat-looking boat. I’m looking at it right now sitting here on a bright yellow trailer, and I like it. All the details we did inside to get it to match are impressive.”

Willen said the 28-footer was one of the easiest sales he’s ever made. The owner contacted Willen in January and told him he wanted a 28 SCS with an open bow and a Mercury Racing HP700SCi engine. A previous model with the same power has reportedly ran 100 mph while bumping the rev-limiter at 5,390 rpm. According to Willen, who said the boat has an MSRP of $205,000 with that engine package, the owner sent a deposit in the next day and from that point on Willen dealt with him over the phone or via email until meeting him for the first time in person on Friday.

“Overall, the boat is really nice,” Willen added. “I think the owner is very pleased with it, and that’s what matters.”

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