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Hot Product Pick: Propeller Lock

Even at the low end, a high-performance powerboat propeller will set you back at least $500. Take a look at some of the forged models and you’re talking five figures.

And here’s the thing: A propeller is probably the easiest item to steal from a high-performance boat. A few seconds and a prop wrench is all it takes.

So I’m really, really curious to see the new propeller lock from BBlades Professional Propellers, which will debut at the Miami International Boat Show Feb. 11-14.

According to a press release from the company, “The locking prop nut is shielded by a stylish, hard-anodized aluminum hydrodynamic cone that is secured to the prop hub assembly with an additional stainless-steel locking mechanism requiring a specially designed key for removal, and then capped for additional security. A variety of key patterns are used to further minimize the risk of theft.”

Not sure what that’s going to look like but I do want to see it.

I’ll check it out and report back on this blog after the show. BBlades didn’t list a price for the new propeller lock, in its press release, but I guarantee you its less than even a low-end prop.