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Horsepower Fuels Saris Engagement

Even the most casual fans of offshore powerboat racing have heard of Jason and Johnny Saris of Bolton Landing, N.Y. The father-and-son duo aren’t just multi-time world champions, they are ambassadors of the sport and exceptional representatives of the Bracket classes that form its foundation.

Engaged yesterday, Caitlyn Esancy and Johnny Saris have been together for four years.

The home of Saris Racing Engines, Performance Marine, which Jason Saris co-founded with Richard Gage in 1987, is perhaps the most respected high-performance marine engine-building, service and restoration businesses in the Northeast.

Oh, and after sunset? Both play guitar and sing, sometimes together, in rock and roll bands.

Now, Johnny and Jason Saris can add two more items to their formidable resumes—future husband and future father-in-law. Yesterday, Johnny Saris proposed to Caitlyn Esancy and she said yes.

Quipped Saris, “She gave me a fake name.”

Saris, who is 29 years old, and Escancy, a professional horse trainer and animal groomer who hails from Presque Isle, Maine, and owns a grooming business in Bolton Landing, have been together for four years.

“She was here working for a traveling horse job,” Saris said. ‘We met at a bar in Bolton Landing, I followed her to the next bar where she gave me a fake name. The joke’s on her, now we’re engaged.”

What prompted Saris to abandon bachelorhood and propose to Escancy? How does he know she’s the one?

“Because it’s so easy to be proud of her,” he explained. “She accomplishes so much on her own, and it’s quite inspiring. She’s fearless. Plus she’s, gorgeous.

“And we both like horsepower,” he added.

Esancy is joining a winning team that includes Vern French, Jason Saris and her future husband.

A date for the wedding has not been set.

Said Saris, “Our feeling is when we can afford to put together the wedding of our dreams we will go for it. Until then, just being in love works for us.”

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