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Highlights From The Third Annual Lake Powell Spring Fun Run

Although it plays second fiddle to the soon-to-be-10-year-old Lake Powell Challenge in September, the Lake Powell Spring Fun Run hosted by Antelope Point Marina in Page, Ariz., is becoming another must-attend event after just three years in existence.


Along with his new 48-foot MTI catamaran, George Argyros brought his 39-foot Cigarette center console to the third Lake Powell Spring Fun. Photos by Jimmy Biro/speedonthewater.com

lpsfr18biro2Just like the Lake Powell Challenge, which benefits JDRF, the Lake Powell Spring Fun Run also is becoming an enormous fundraiser as this year’s event is said to have raised more than $100,000, compared to more than $70,000 in 2017, for the American Heart Association.

Speedonthewater.com contributor Jimmy Biro attended last weekend’s affair for the first time—he’s been to the Lake Powell Challenge a few times with his friend and fellow performance boater, George Argyros—and he was very impressed.

“Compared to the fall event, the fun run had less boats, but that was to be expected as it’s only three years old,” Biro said. “One thing that wasn’t different was the quality of the people. From the helpful and friendly staff at the marina to the participants on hand, everyone was welcoming and sociable. I always leave Antelope Point Marina with many new friends.”

Biro was part of the crew aboard both of Argyros’ boats, a brand new 48-foot MTI catamaran called MiTI Fun and his 39-foot Cigarette Racing Team center console named Center of Attention.

“Thanks to George I got to spend some time with Randy and Cherell Scism, the owners of MTI, and their team that came to the run to support their clients,” said Biro, who captured the image above (click to enlarge) of Scism exploring Lake Powell in the latest MTI-V 42 demo model. “Randy was generous with rides on the MTI-V 42—I think he may have even taken an order or two. I got to meet Tony Chiaramonte of DCB, too. He’s a cool guy. Obviously the roster of DCB clients who showed up was large. Bananas, an M35 Widebody owned by Dave and Buffie Megugorac, Bo Gregory’s Stiff Ripples M35 Widebody and Chad Budge’s new Mercury Racing Verado 400R-powered M33R were just a few of the DCBs that made the trip to Lake Powell.

Check out the slideshow above for more of Biro’s images from the Lake Powell Spring Fun Run.

“Out of all of the places I’ve had the privilege to boat in my life, Lake Powell has to be the best due to the cooler temperatures,” Biro explained. “While the East Coast and Midwest is getting more humid and Lake Havasu is getting into the triple digits, Lake Powell stayed in the mid-90s with pleasant temperatures at night that made it tempting to sleep outside under the stars.”

Chiaramonte said he and his longtime colleague and DCB co-owner Paul Miller had a blast at the fun run.

“Paul got to see Lake Powell for the first—and surely not the last—time, and he was blown away,” Chiaramonte said. “Like the Lake Powell Challenge, there was a great turnout of DCBs at the fun run. I think they had 50 or more boats overall. We’ll definitely be back and supportive again next year.”

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