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Lake Havasu Boat Show Kicks Off Desert Event Trifecta

For the team at DCB Performance Boats and a host of other West Coast-based builders, April is an exhibit marathon. It begins today at the Lake Havasu Boat Show, which runs through April 16, then moves to April 19-22 for the Desert Storm Poker Run and finishes up with Super Cat Fest West presented by DCB and KICKER Marine Audio, April 26-29. All three events happen in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., which makes life easier for all exhibitors who participate in the desert-event trifecta.

The Lake Havasu Boat Show kicks off the event season for DCB and other exhibitors. Photos by Tom Leigh copyright Tommy Gun Images.

All of which makes April a great month for performance boat enthusiasts who want to see the latest and greatest products.

“The three Lake Havasu events are a super-important kick-off to our year,” said Jeff Johnston, president of DCB, which is based in El Cajon, Calif. “They give us the opportunity to add new members to the DCB family and reconnect with our existing DCB family members as the season gets rolling. And it’s all right in our backyard.”

DCB’s exhibit at the Lake Havasu Boat Show, which is located in the Windsor #4 parking area, features an M44 Widebody catamaran powered by Mercury Racing 1550 engines, an M33R Widebody cat with Mercury Racing 450R outboard engines and two M37R Widebody cats—the company’s most-popular model—also equipped with 450R engines.

Owned by Mauricio Vivanco, this DCB M44 Widebody catamaran will be on display this weekend at the Lake Havasu Boat Show.

DCB’s Tony Chiaramonte will be on hand all weekend at the exhibit and is looking forward to the show as well as the next few weeks.

“It’s going to be a great weekend,” Chiaramonte said. “The weather is looking perfect and we have a killer selection of DCB cats to display at the show. It’s our first big event of the year at the lake, and we always like to go big with it.”

For the next three days, the DCB exhibit at the Lake Havasu Boat Show will showcase three of the company’s models.

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