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Hauling The Broccoli: Inside A Vibrant Mystic M4200

When Chicago’s Wayland Joe, a National Champion Porsche racer and exotic automobile collector who funds his avocations through growing broccoli—the company he founded reportedly produces 200 million tons of the stuff a year—considered colors for his new Mystic Powerboats M4200 called Joe Jacked, he looked to the supercar world. More specifically, he took inspiration from the Koenigsegg Gemera, a 1,667-hp supercar that reportedly tops 240 mph.

Wayland Joe’s two-tone Mystic M4200 performance-oriented center console is sure to be an attention-getter.

“I didn’t want a blue boat with a white interior like all the other boats out there,” said Joe, a high-energy 60-year-old who will soon add a new Ford GT Carbon fiber to his fine automobile collection, with includes three McLarens as well as three other Ford GT models. “I changed my mind three times on the colors. At one point, I was going to do M&M green with the yellow.”

But the gray-and-yellow hues of the Koenigsegg Gemera got the nod for the 42-footer, which is powered by quad Mercury Racing 450R outboard engines. “I basically copied those colors,” said Joe.

From 2010 to 2013, Joe owned a 2003 Cigarette 38 Top Gun. Reliability, he said, was a struggle and he burned through a series of blown drives before he sold it. When chose to get back into boating earlier this year, outboard-powered center consoles most appealed to him. He looked at most of today’s performance-oriented center consoles before ordering a 42-footer from the DeLand, Fla., company.

“The Top Gun was a very temperamental boat and I didn’t want those issues again,” he said. “I knew I wanted outboards. So I looked around and priced around, but Greg Weber’s follow-up at Mystic was better than the others. Mystic isn’t a ‘big’ manufacturer, but they’re big enough. They have great customer service.”

Check out the slideshow above to enjoy more images of the 42-footer.

Joe ran his M4200 in last weekend’s Florida Powerboat Club Tampa Bay Poker Run. He was as delighted with the boat as he was with the event.

“We got the ‘Best Boat’ award out of 46 boats,” he said. “I have been on hundreds of vacations, but this poker run was like the best vacation ever. I was exhausted at the end.

“The boat drove great,” he continued. “We cruised across the bay at 80 mph with eight people on board with no problem. I am so happy that I went with Mystic for my choice—and I can’t wait for the Key West Poker Run in November.”

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