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Hartwell Lake Charity Run Shooting For 150 Boats

With registration at $100 per boat this year,  South Carolina’s 14th annual Hartwell Lake Charity Run, set for June 8-10, has to be the best value in domestic go-fast boating events. Because not only is it inexpensive by current standards for such happenings, it is by all accounts a fantastic event from the expansive waterway itself and its pristine surroundings to its organizer-driven, Southern hospitality.

Who knew Hartwell Lake in South Carolina was DCB country? Photo by Jacob Davis copyright LakeLifeFotos.

“Everyone is so accommodating and supportive,” said Tony Chiaramonte of Southern California-based DCB Performance Boats, who experienced the event for the first time last year. “The people and volunteers are always awesome. It feels like you’re boating with your best friends. It’s a super-smooth event—and the food is great, too.

In recent years, the event has attracted 110 to 120 boats. The organizers are hoping to see the fleet reach 150 boats this year. Registration opened in late January.


“There’s already a big crew of DCBs there—like 10-plus boats,” Chiaramonte added, then laughed. “And we’re a sponsor this year.”

The Hartwell Lake Charity Run, which includes a fun Friday for an additional $10 for per passenger—not including the mandatory boat-registration fee for Saturday’s 100-plus-mile trek—benefits Meals on Wheels-Anderson (S.C.).

“Right now, I’d say we have 40-plus boats registered,” said Josh Overstreet of Meals On Wheels-Anderson.

South Florida’s Yvonne Aleman and Greg Harris were two of several DCB owners who enjoyed the 2022 Hartwell event—and plan to return this year.

“Last year, we netted $92,000,” said Laura Ashley, the executive director of Meals On Wheels-Anderson. “This year our goal is to reach $100,000.”

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