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Harris And Tomlinson Talk Fountain, Mercury Racing In New Water Street Confidential Episode

A pair of industry pros who studied at the knee of Reggie Fountain, Jr., Jeff Harris and Geoff Tomlinson are direct competitors. Harris is the chief operating officer for Fountain Powerboats in Washington, N.C. Tomlinson is the dealer manager for Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats in Fort Myers Beach, Fla. Though their products are distinctly different, both companies produce high-performance center consoles, which arguably remains the most competitive segment in the go-fast boating world.

Nor-Tech’s Geoff Tomlinson (left) and Fountain’s Jeff Harris celebrate the advances of Mercury Racing and the impact of Reggie Fountain, Jr., in the latest episode of Water Street Confidential produced by Scrapyard Media and Speedonthewater.com.

And yet they are longtime friends with mutual respect not just for one another but for the products both companies produce. They share a ferocious passion for building performance boats and the community that supports them.

Neither can imagine doing anything else for a living, though both have. (Of course, there are days, as there are in all businesses, where they likely wish they were doing something else.)

Plus, both have deep exposure to offshore powerboat racing, Harris as a multi-time world champion and Tomlinson as the son of Mike Tomlinson, the sport’s now-retired and most-revered referee.

What better pairing for the second episode of Water Street Confidential, a 2023 video series celebrating the 50th anniversary of Mercury Racing?

We think you’re going to love it. Watch it on the Mercury Racing YouTube channel or below and please share your feedback.

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