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Hardin Marine Unveils Bluetooth-Driven Helm System At IBEX

Just ahead of the Miami International Boat Show in January, Hardin Marine announced it would introduce new products that employ Bluetooth technology—rather than wires and/or cables—throughout the year. That process continues this week for the Florida-based marine products innovator at the International Boat Builder Exposition, commonly referred to as the IBEX Show, this week in Tampa, Fla.

New digital, no-cable, heads-up, electronic trim indicators from Hardin Marine were on display this week at IBEX.

“We debuted a new, all-stainless-steel tilt steering column with wireless Bluetooth ‘Paddle Trim’ features as well as digital, ‘no-cable’ heads-up electronic trim indicators,” said C.J. Riviera of the Palm Coast, Fla., company. “The new Bluetooth trim system makes for a wireless, uncluttered, easy installation.”

In addition to making for clean installation as well, the steering-wheel-integrated Bluetooth paddle-trim product adds a measure of safety for operators and their passengers.

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A closer look at the new helm system.

“The driver doesn’t need to remove his hands from wheel to trim the boat,” Rivera explained. “The finger-trim paddle levers are right there, on the wheel.”

The Hardin wireless Bluetooth trim system can be used with outboard and sterndrive engines, as well as trim tabs and jack plates. Both products were showcased on the aforementioned steering column. The company’s new tilt product has five ergonomic positions as well as five post-length options.

Drivers do not have to remove their hands from the steering wheel to reach the trim paddles.

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