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Hardin Marine Hot On The Bluetooth Technology Trail For Miami Boat Show

Despite that Bluetooth has transformed the wireless connectivity world, the technology platform has been slow to make its way into the performance boat realm beyond enabling owners to play music from their smartphones through their cockpit stereos. And that now-common application has everything to do with audio technology and precious little with the go-fast powerboat manufacturing.

Implementing Bluetooth technology, a new wireless trim switch is one of the modern products Hardin Marine will showcase during the Miami International Boat Show.

As previously reported on speedonthewater.com, Hardin Marine will be focused on showcasing a range of products that work through Bluetooth technology during the Miami International Boat Show, which is set for February 15-19. A steering wheel-mounted, wireless trim switch is just one of those products that the aftermarket marine products company will showcase during the event in front of the Miami Beach Convention Center.

“The steering wheel trim switch is one of a number of different Bluetooth-enabled products we’ll have in Miami later this month,” said C.J. Rivera of Hardin Marine. “Currently, we are working through some popular specific model steering wheel versions as well as some easy to adapt and adjust for other steering wheel models. Let’s face it, nearly every modern luxury or performance car has the ability to control the vehicle’s accessories or features from the steering wheel. We will now bring these many functions to any boat or vessel.”

Going with the wireless setup creates multiple significant benefits for the powerboat operator, Rivera said.

“Prior to now, it’s always required a specific wired application that hydraulic helm steering systems prohibited,” he explained. “Steering wheel trim switches previously had curly cords— like old telephone cords—wrapping around the helm. Bluetooth technology enables us to not only offer a stand-alone trim button option, but allows us to expand into a wireless ‘command center-pod’ that deliveries control of multiple functions, from turning up the stereo to trimming down the drivers, at the steering wheel.”

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