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Gulf Oil Spill: Video from Ground Zero

With British Petroleum’s failed the Deepwater Horizon rig still spewing oil into the Gulf of Mexico and creating the worst spill in history, this nine-minute video report from television fishing show host Wade Middleton and Chris Edmonston of BoatU.S. hits home in a surprising way. While most of the news coming out of the Gulf is universally bad, there are bits of good news out there. Even though it has a fishing—rather than a high-performance—angle, it’s definitely worth your time.

Middleton and Edmonstron traveled to the Gulf region in May to report on the oil spill. The trip’s goal was to document the spill’s impact, and do some fishing with Billy Nicholas from the Venice Fishing Lodge.

I applaud BoatU.S., which has an entire section of its website devoted to updating the Gulf Oil Spill, for being proactive in getting real-time information to real-world boater owners. Response from other organizations involved in the marine industry on the consumer and trade sides has been sorely lacking. Bravo to BoatU.S. for taking the lead.