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Gratton Brothers Team Up to Produce Innovative Jellyfish Aquarium

Of course this won’t make your boat run any faster, perform better or look cooler, but it could definitely add some appeal to your office, home or wherever else you decide would be cool to show off your very own jellyfish tank. Yes, a jellyfish tank—a tank brought to you by twin brothers and diehard performance boat enthusiasts, Blake and Brock Gratton.


With the Kickstarter campaign in progress, now is the time to get your hands on the new JellyTank created by Blake and Brock Gratton (below) before you start seeing them in homes, businesses and restaurants across the country. Photos courtesy Blake Gratton

jellytank2Engrained with an entrepreneurial way of thinking, the sons of late offshore racer Joey Gratton have created a Kickstarter campaign to assist in the launch of what they’re calling the ultimate jellyfish aquarium designed with both functionality and form—the JellyTank.

Blake Gratton, who has been fascinated with the tranquil movements and calming ways of jellyfish ever since his family was eating at a restaurant in Miami Beach years ago, said JellyTank has partnered with a nationally accredited aquarium and marine research laboratory to develop the best protocols and standards of practice to deliver the healthiest sustainable source of jellyfish available in the world.

“Because of my fascination with jellyfish, I ordered a tank last year and immediately realized we could come up with something better,” said Blake, who owns an outboard-powered 30-foot Spectre Powerboats catamaran with his brother. “So we did. Our tank is a modern design built on functionality and form. With its clean lines and sophisticated look, the JellyTank looks great in any environment. Its design focuses on the jellyfish themselves with its seamless shape and pump-driven water flow giving them the overall flow they would expect in the ocean’s tides.”

The JellyTank is constructed with premium high-grade aquarium acrylic and available in ultra-white or premium-black. According to Blake, one of the best parts about the JellyTank, which includes a remote LED for easy lighting and mood changes, is that provides a simple system for jellyfish to thrive yet it’s also affordable and low maintenance for owners. Blake said the first units begin shipping in June.

To find out more about the Gratton’s endeavor and to see the various pledge levels available on Kickstarter, click here.

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