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Grant’s Signature Racing Rigging New 36-Foot Doug Wright Cat For First-Time Client

In true late-pre-season fashion, Grant’s Signature Racing is loaded with offshore raceboat rigging and repair projects. But there are still plenty of high-performance pleasure-boat jobs moving through the Bradenton, Fla., shop, not the least of which is a new 36-foot Doug Wright Powerboats catamaran Grant Bruggemann and his crew are building out for Ricky Alvarez, a first-time client who lives in South Florida.

The rigging process for a new 36-foot Doug Wright pleasure cat is in high gear at Grant’s Signature Racing.

The Doug Harrell Design-painted catamaran, which will be powered by a pair of six-cylinder Mercury Racing 400R outboard engines, arrived at Grant’s Signature Racing a little more than two weeks ago. While Bruggemann and company are handling the rigging chores, Jamie Borg of Cutting Edge Interiors is building the 36-footer’s seating and upholstery. Borg visited the shop a few days after the cat arrived to take measurements.

Once rigging is complete, the Grant’s Signature Racing team will install the interior.

“We have everything laid out and have begun the rigging process,” Bruggemann said. “We’ve installed the brackets, hung the outboards and have been drilling holes for access. We’ve dressed the fuel tanks and are just starting to cut the dash.”

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With all of the other projects happening at the shop, Bruggemann said he expects the entire job to take two months.

The boat should be finished and ready for delivery in a couple of months.

“If we could put all our manpower on it and stop everything else we’re doing we could probably have it done in three weeks,” Bruggemann said. “But we have so many jobs going on at the same time that’s just not possible.

“By the time rigging is done, Jamie usually has the interior back to us,” he added. “Then we help him button it down during installation.”

Dash rigging is underway for the 36-footer.

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