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Granet And Wyatt Throwing Down The Gauntlet For Englewood Beach

Though they don’t know yet if any competitors will show up to challenge them, former Miss GEICO driver Marc Granet and veteran offshore racing throttleman Rich Wyatt are teaming up to run Wyatt’s 50-foot Mystic Powerboats catamaran in the Offshore Powerboat Association World Championships, November 18-21, in Englewood Beach, Fla. Currently dubbed df Young, the boat is powered by a pair of turbocharged 1,450-hp Stotler Racing engines.

Throttleman Rich Wyatt and driver Marc Granet are ready to take on all Extreme-class comers next month at the Offshore Powerboat Association World Championships in Englewood Beach, Fla. Photo by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

As such, the 50-footer fits into the organization’s Extreme class, which has been mostly dormant in recent years. But that doesn’t matter to Granet and Wyatt, who claimed a world title in the 50-footer—the third C5000 catamaran built by the DeLand, Fla., company that began its life as Cintron—during the 2010 Super Boat International Key West Offshore World Championships.

Granet said that he Wyatt believe committing to the Englewood Beach event will attract other Extreme-class teams such as CRC and Cazzani Racing. CThe Lucas Oil/E3 team reportedly is already committed to the event.)

“The df Young Mystic set up by my Miss GEICO owners group partner Gary Stray is hands-down the best race-prepped and set up Mystic out there,” Granet explained. “Richie gave Miss GEICO a run for its money every time we lined up together. He knows the Mystic’s limits and has no fear of big water or big speed.

“I work best with true competitors and Richie is a stone-cold competitor underneath a business suit,” he added, then laughed. “I only wish the Miss GEICO team was still in action with big power, because it would have been fun to spank the big green boat’s butt as a final goodbye.”

Wyatt and Granet plan to use the event as a springboard for Extreme-class competition next year.

“For us, this race is about getting the boat wet again enjoying a fun weekend with our families, friends and prep for 2022 season,” said Wyatt. “Marc and I have great synergy in the boat together he knows what I’m thinking and I can get the most out of the boat and focus on the water not having to worry about my wheelman.”

The dfYoung Mystic raceboat began its life as Cintron. Photo by Jim Winters.

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