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Going Bigger With Ron Meyering

A truck and trailer dealer who lives in Holland, Mich., Ron Meyering made news in 2019 when he took delivery of a Nor-Tech 477 Super Vee sportboat powered by Mercury Racing 1550/1350 engines and painted by Visual Imagination. Meyering’s smoke-show of a 47-footer wasn’t the first to be built by the Fort Myers, Fla., high-performance boat builder, but it was the first to be built in a long time as center consoles are the company’s mainstay.

Currently for sale by owner Ron Meyering, this 2021 Skater 388 catamaran has never been used.

That Meyering likes big boats (and can’t deny it) is the understandable byproduct of his favorite aquatic playground, an often ill-tempered, frequently rude body of water called Lake Michigan. As most locals agree, you can never have too much boat for Lake Michigan, which can go from fair to foul in the time it takes to spray on sunscreen. And that’s why Meyering is selling his brand-new, 2021 Skater Powerboats 388 catamaran that’s never touched the water.

If he can find a new home for the 38-foot cat powered by Mercury Racing 1100 engines, he’ll order a 46-footer from the Douglas, Mich., company. If not, he’ll hang onto it and be just fine.

“It’s a gorgeous boat,” he said. “If it sells, great, I’ll build a 46. If not, I’ll use it at the Lake of the Ozarks this season.

“I still have my Nor-Tech 477 and 390 center console, plus I am actually converting a 48-foot Fountain to outboards,” he added.

Built in 2008, the 48-foot sport cruiser originally was equipped with triple Mercury Racing 700 SCi engines. The boat’s Canadian owner used it only in freshwater, which Meyering appreciated. What he didn’t appreciate was the roar of those engines, which he is holding onto for a future, yet-to-be-determined project.

Meyering is currently converting a 48-Fountain for outboard-engine power.

“It was obnoxiously loud,” he said, then chuckled. “My wife, Jane, and I would be in the cockpit screaming and we couldn’t hear each other. If I can’t use a boat comfortably, why would I own it? If I can’t use it, why build it? And if my wife doesn’t like it, she’s not getting on it.”

Meyering is powering the Fountain with four Mercury Racing 450R outboard engines. Skater handled the transom conversion. Working with his friend and employee Steve Bareman and Bareman’s brother, Mike—a couple of “extraordinarily talented guys” from the drag- and mud-racing worlds—Meyering had custom aluminum brackets fabricated for the outboards. The project should be completed this spring.

“I think we will splash it in May,” he said.

As for his future Skater 46 catamaran, he’s in the early stage of figuring out what he wants, from power to amenities. First, he has to sell his 388.

“I’m not that far down the road yet,” he said. “That’s the beauty of Skater, they will build absolutely anything you want.”

For the wild waters of Lake Michigan, Meyering’s 47-foot Nor-Tech is anything but too big. Photo by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

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