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Godfrey Marine Announces New Performance Tubes And New AquaPatio Twin-Engine Models

Earlier this week, the Elkhart, Ind.-based Godfrey Marine announced a series of innovative new performance tube packages for its 2021 model year boats—the Innovative Marine Power and Control Technology (iMPACT+) system. Increasing both passenger capacity and maximum engine power, the new surfaces deliver a substantially stronger platform and more efficient ride according to Wally Ross, Godfrey Marine’s director of product management and marketing.

AquaPatio’s new dual-engine AP256 ULC-Twin gets after it with a pair of 150-hp Yamaha outboards on the transom. Photos courtesy Godfrey Marine

With its integrated system of continuous saddles, full tube length lifting strakes and full-length under-deck skin that curves at the top of the tubes, every iMPACT+ Performance Tube Package for model year 2021 provides increased rigidity that improves overall boat efficiency. Ross said the largest gains are most notable in higher-horsepower offerings resulting in increased top speed and better fuel economy compared to the performance tube packages from Godfrey model year 2020, which he added were top industry performers in their own right.

“The application and integration of the iMPACT+ system technology into our other performance tube platforms is a true game changer,” Ross said. “It’s not often that you see such a step-change improvement in efficiency from a technology that results in both higher top speed and better fuel economy. This innovation and forward thinking are what has established us as a recognized leader in an industry that we established in 1958.”

The new Godfrey performance tube packages are available on the Sweetwater, Monaco, AquaPatio and Sanpan family of boats as optional or standard equipment, depending on the model.

The 2021 Godfrey performance tube packages include the following:

• The 27-inch Sport Tube Package with a ¾ length 27-inch diameter center tube in front of the standard motor pan in conjunction with 25-inch diameter outer tubes.

• The 29-inch Sport Tube Package with a ¾ length 29-inch diameter center tube in front of the standard motor pan in conjunction with 27-inch diameter outer tubes.

• The GTP (Godfrey Tri-Power) 27-inch Center Tube Package with a full length 27-inch diameter center tube with integrated motor pod and 45-gallon fuel tank in conjunction with 25-inch outer tubes.

• The iMPACT+ 29-inch Center Tube Package has a full-length 29-inch diameter center tube with integrated motor pod and a 61-gallon fuel tank in conjunction with 27-inch diameter outer tubes.

Featuring Godfrey Marine’s new iMPACT+ performance tube package, a new Sanpan 2600 DFL takes to the water.

In a separate announcement, Godfrey Marine also announced it is now offering its AquaPatio pontoon line with a narrower beam while still accommodating two engines. The new AquaPatio Twin is designed with a beam of 8 feet, 6 inches allowing it to remain trailerable and easy to hoist during haul-outs, while avoiding custom lift requirements that come with wider twin-engine platforms.

New model layouts are available in AquaPatio AP256 SB (Split Bench), AP256 UL (Ultra Lounge), AP256 SBW (Split Bench Windshield) and AP256 ULW (Ultra Lounge Windshield). According to Godfrey Marine general manager Ben Duke, the twin-engine design allows for ease of maneuvering with differential thrust and, when equipped with the optional joystick docking system, close-quarter maneuvering becomes a breeze, even against wind or current. The new models include a wide range of engine configurations ranging from 150 to 300 hp aside.

“The new dual-engine AquaPatio models offer owners unprecedented comfort and control,” Duke said. “Two engines obviously give you more power, but they also make maneuvering in tight quarters a snap. This platform lets you entertain and play to your heart’s content with no stress, providing memories that will last a lifetime.”

Sporty and agile, the AquaPatio Twins range in length from 25- to 28-feet with a capacity of 13 passengers. For model year 2021, the interior of all AquaPatio boats have also been completely restyled with exceptional fit and finish. The newly designed forward lounges feature armrests for increased comfort; automotive-style cupholders that offer USB charging and a dedicated spot for phones or personal items. Another standard feature adding to the style of the AquaPatio is user-customizable, under-seat RGB lighting for a dialed-in glow to suit any mood.