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Go-Fast Boat Thanksgiving Greetings

Without a doubt, I am the luckiest person I know. I have two great kids, a remarkable ex-wife who is a fantastic friend and mother, a brother and sister I adore, a brilliant girlfriend and great friends. I live just south of San Francisco in Redwood City, and I mountain bike year-round.

I also have a career—writing about the high-performance boating world—that brings me joy. I’d be lying if I said 2009 wasn’t rough, as like so many of you I faced significant income cutbacks. But I am most definitely on the upswing.

Just want to give a quick thanks to ten of you out there in the go-fast boat world who have made my life so much better. So …

Bob Christie (Typhoon Service Center): Thank you for being the best adopted big-brother I could ask for. Your advice is priceless.

Bob Teague (Teague Custom Marine): Thanks for keeping me alive in boat after boat, and thanks for doing everything you could to save the life of our departed friend, Tom Newby.

Gregg Mansfield and Jason Johnson (Powerboat magazine): Thank you for supporting me through the most challenging year of my life. Writing for Powerboat is a privilege I cherish.

Skip Braver and Peter Hledin (Cigarette Racing Team and Douglas Marine/Skater): Thank you for always taking the time to answer my questions about your boats so patiently and honestly.

Fred Kiekhaefer (Mercury Racing): Thanks for always giving me straight talk about Mercury Racing products—and thanks for being so damn funny.

Joy Schou (Platinum Powerboat Club): Thanks for making me feel like I’m home in Florida, even when home is 3,000 miles away.

Frank Civitano (Typhoon Service Center): Thanks for making me laugh so hard that my sides hurt whenever I am with you, your charming wife Melissa, and your extraordinary son (that kid can drive a boat), Sean-Ryan.

Kim Kavin (BoaterMouth): Thanks for having the faith and belief in me to ask me to be part of BoaterMouth.