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Giving Back For Healing

Severe burn scars go much deeper than flesh. They scorch the heart and sear the soul. That’s especially true for children who sustain severe burn injuries. Their suffering is hard for adults, much less their peers, to comprehend. Their healing requires endless support and compassion.


Once again, the Jacksonville River Rally Charity Poker Run gave big for a worthy cause. (Photo courtesy/copyright Jay Nichols/Naples Image.)

Few people understand this better than Bill Pyburn, Sr., the father of the well-known go-fast boat owner who shares his name. Pyburn, a retired firefighter in Jacksonville, Fla., has seen his share of young burn victims. He’s seen what they have to go through for even a chance to be whole again. And that’s why Pyburn and his fellow firefighters in the Jacksonville area are big supporters of Camp Amigo, which, according to the nonprofit organization’s website “exists to provide kids who have physical and emotional scars a place to be themselves and build a network of support that will last throughout their lives.”

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