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Get Speedonthewater Daily Blog Sent Directly to You

Much as I want you to visit speedonthewater.com and BoaterMouth.com every day, I know you all lead busy lives. (Plus, I don’t want to cut into your time posting on great message boards such as seriousoffshore.com.) But if you want to keep up with my daily stories—without working too hard—there’s an easy way to get them sent directly to your email.

Go to the bottom of speedonthewater.com. On the left side of the page below the solid gray line with the words “RSS Feed” in white, there’s a button marked “Feed Entries.” Click on it and follow the simple directions. In a few seconds, you can set it up so my blog is sent each day—in real time—to a bookmarked RSS Feed on your browser.

I’ll always try to make it worth your time.