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Geico vs. SBI: “Resolved Amicably”

Just got off the phone with Ken Scherer, the attorney for Geico in its $150,000 lawsuit against Super Boat International over a television deal that never materialized. Scherer and attorneys for SBI met yesterday in a mediation session in Palm Beach, Fla.

“The parties resolved their differences,” he said. “It was resolved amicably and the litigation will be discontinued.”

Because of a confidentiality agreement between the two parties, Scherer said he could offer no further detail.

Those who regularly follow this blog know I like to end the week with good news. And this is definitely good news.


Because there’s more than enough fragmentation in offshore racing—I contend that fragmentation is the No. 1 problem in offshore racing—and this lawsuit, regardless of merit, wasn’t going to bring anyone “closer together.” Lawsuits do just the opposite. They polarize. They create sides. They leave hard feelings. Very hard feelings.

And if unity is a goal for offshore racing—I contend it is the No. 1 goal for the offshore racing—hard feelings are the last thing the sport needs. Not for the racers, not for the fans.

The curious out there will dig for detail and, lacking that, resort to speculation. For me, it’s enough  that the lawsuit was “resolved amicably.” That was good enough for Geico and SBI, so it’s good enough for me.

And it’s definitely good for the sport.