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Geico Sues Super Boat International

In a civil case filed with the Court of the 15th Judicial Circuit of Florida in Palm Beach County, Government Employees Insurance Company—Geico—is suing Super Boat International Productions and its principals John Carbonell and Deana Carbonell. Attorneys for Geico filed the case over the payment of $150,000 by Geico for CBS television coverage of SBI races.

Geico’s complaint against SBI alleges:

“On August 20, John Carbonell, as president of SBI and Deana Carbonell, as vice president of SBI made false representations regarding the Miss Geico Racing Team boat participating in races organized by SBI. At that time, it was represented to the Plaintiff that the SBI races would be shown on CBS television on Saturday afternoons from October, 2009 through December 2009. Additionally, Geico was provided with a press release regarding the fact that SBI racing would be broadcast on the CBS Television Network. Based upon the representations of SBI and Carbonell, Geico entered into a contract and paid to SBI the sum of $150,000.

“In fact, at the time the representations set forth above were being made by SBI and Carbonell to the Plaintiff, both SBI and Carbonell knew these representations that were being made to Geico by the Defendants were false since SBI had never paid any of the sums required to be paid to CBS, and at the time that the agreement was executed by Geico and SBI, SBI was in arrears in its payments to CBS and was unable to perform as required under its agreement with Geico.”

Geico is suing for $150,000 plus interest and legal fees.