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Gargiulo’s New Lamborghini-Themed MTI Cat Boasts Next-Level Detail

When it comes to theme-based high-performance boats, no builder does them better than Marine Technology Inc. And when it comes to the customers who commission those spare-no-expense creations, there’s no better client than Gino Gargiulo, who is as well known as he is well liked in the performance-boating community. Dubbed Raging Bull, Gargiulo’s last 48-foot MTI catamaran with Mercury Racing 1350 engines turned heads with its Lamborghini exotic automobile theme on the United States poker run circuit before it was sold last year to a Russian buyer and delivered to Spain.

mti 52sv gino1

The new 52-foot Lamborghini-inspired MTI cat owned by South Florida’s Gino Gargiulo is expected to make its event debut in the Key West Poker Run on Thursday. All photos courtesy MTI/Xtreme Powerboats

Of course, Gargiulo had another Lamborghini-themed MTI in the works before he sold the last one, this one a 52-footer to match his 2017 Lamborghini Aventador SuperVeloce (SV) Roadster. Started 16 months ago with special guidance throughout from Larry Goldman of Xtreme Powerboats and delivered to its delighted owner today for its first sea trial in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., before it departs tomorrow for the Florida Powerboat Club’s Key West Poker Run, the catamaran is powered by twin Mercury Racing 1550/1350 engines. It even has two fuel systems—one tank for 93-octane fuel and another for race fuel—with their own pumps for the switchable-power engines.

But beyond size and power, what really separates Gargiulo’s new all-carbon-fiber MTI “SV” catamaran is its attention to detail. The catamaran’s functional headlights, taillights and power mirrors are actually authentic marinized Lamborghini parts. So are the shells for the boat’s six seats, which are upholstered in a combination of Alcantara and real leather and are recreations of the seats in Gargiulo’s SuperVeloce Roadster automobile.

By design, the 52-footer’s cockpit is narrower and shorter—by roughly a foot each way—than that of MTI’s “standard” 48- and 52-foot cats.

“The cockpit of my 48 was just a little too big,” Gargiulo said. “When I was sitting in it I almost felt like I could fall out of the seat. I couldn’t reach the AC system and the inverter from my seat—I had to stand up and then reach over to get to them. With my new boat, all I have to do is reach over to get to them.”

Like his last cat, Gargiulo’s second open-cockpit Lamborghini-themed MTI also has an air-conditioning system. But this time around, the boat uses actual Lamborghini vents for that system. (All of the other vents in the boat are custom-fabricated carbon fiber, as are the dash panels.) The steering wheel also is a genuine Lamborghini piece.

“The last boat was made to look like a Lamborghini,” Gargiulo said. “This one is all real Lamborghini. The dash, which has four Garmin screens and two SmartCraft screens, is just like the dash in my Lamborghini. The seats have real Lamborghini bases and are patterned after the seats in my car.

For a closer look at the newest Lamboghini-themed catamaran from MTI, check out the slideshow above.

“MTI put inserts in the molds to create indentations in the hull sides and deck to make the boat look more like the car,” he added. “This boat is much, much sleeker than the last one.”

For dock appeal, MTI added 12 Ocean LED underwater color-changing lights to the catamaran’s stern, and even located a few in its tunnel. Green LEDs also light up the boat’s interior, which includes what Gargiulo described as a “typical completely ridiculous stereo system with thousands of watts,” as well as its engine compartment.

After Gargiulo puts his new prize through its first paces today, he’ll be ready for tomorrow’s poker run. He’ll be accompanied by a crew from the CNBC television show “Secret Lives Of The Super Rich.” The show included a segment showcasing his previous Lamborghini-themed 48-footer and the automobile that inspired it.

“They’re actually doing a follow-up from the other show and they’ve never done that before,” Gargiulo said. “They told me that show had the best ratings of any one they’d done, so they’re coming to the Keys with us and bringing the whole freaking crew.”

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