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Gallery of the Week: The White Album


Writing a story earlier this week about a 39-foot Outerlimits V-bottom that went from mostly red to pure white—courtesy of ace paint man Stephen Miles—got me thinking about how much I like plain white boats. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy splashes of color and even solid color, but in general I’m a less-is-more kind of a guy.

In a sea of color, the lack of it certainly stands out.

So just for fun, I put out the call on the Speedonthewater Friends Facebook page: Show us your white boats. And in just two days the response was amazing with folks posting shots of everything from their vintage V-bottoms to contemporary catamarans—all dressed in white. The slideshow above is the result of that response.

My appreciation of white boats may simply be a reaction to the abundance of color-saturated models out there. If most go-fast boats were white, I’d probably crave more color, right? (And as you view the slideshow above, you might find the abundance of white boats tedious.) But it sure was fun to see all these plain-wrapped rides.

From canopied and colorful to open-cockpit and plain-wrapped, here’s a quick look at the progession of Game On, Ron Shelton’s 30-foot Spectre catamaran.

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