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Gallery Of The Week: Strong Turnout For Exotic Run In Traverse City

Rudy Torres, who owns Exotic Detailing in Traverse City, Mich., set out to do one thing this year with the Exotic Run he organized in his hometown last weekend—have fun. And that’s pretty much what everyone who came out for the run did.

More than 60 boats showed up in Northern Michigan for the first Exotic Run in Traverse City. Photos by Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix

“We couldn’t do everything we really wanted to do with the run because the pandemic screwed things up with the venues, so we decided to make it as relaxed as possible and just focus on having fun,” said Torres, whose wife, Jen, was by his side for moral—and White Claw—support. “And that’s exactly what happened. The venue that was supposed to host a dinner and party in the evening on Saturday wasn’t able to do it so we just ordered pizzas and partied in the marina instead.”

Torres said that holding the event at Clinch Marina worked out well, especially considering there were 65 boats on hand for the run, which did not have an entry fee.

“My goal always has been to have a low-key run where someone with a smaller sportboat could come out and run with the guys in their 47-foot V-bottoms and 40-plus-foot cats,” Torres added. “We had a good turnout and everyone had a good time and was safe. That’s what matters. We had a little bit of rain on Friday and Saturday, but not enough to dampen anyone’s spirits.”

Check out the slideshow above for more images of the 2020 Exotic Run.

Torres, who plans to make the Exotic Run an annual occurrence, commented that it was cool to see 24- and 27-foot Outlaws from Baja Marine running next to a 36-foot cat or a 47-foot V-bottom from Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats.

Bruce Chapman, who lives in Southwest Michigan, made the trip to Traverse City to run his 45-foot Sonic Powerboats V-bottom powered by triple 700-plus-hp engines, and was glad he did.

“We had a lot of fun with everyone—it was definitely worth going,” said Chapman, who had a bit of bad luck as he broke a drive about 20 miles into the run, but was able to get back to the ramp on two engines and swap out the drive and get back on the water about 30 minutes later to join the rest of the fleet at the raft-up. “Besides my boat breaking—and some other peoples’ boats breaking—the day turned out to be perfect. The raft-up was a blast. I love boating in that area. Because Boyne Thunder was cancelled, it was my first trip up there this year. I’m pretty sure we’ll go back if Rudy and Jen organize it again next year.”

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