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Gallery of the Week: Prides And Joys

Armand Hucks 1995 Superboat 21

When it comes to editorial content, new product—meaning boats and engines in the go-fast powerboat world—moves the needle. Traffic spikes immediately and predictably any time we run a story on a new go-fast catamaran or V-bottom. The same goes for new power. And that makes perfect sense as we all want to read, and in our case report, on the latest and greatest, the biggest and the baddest.

Still, we enjoy looking back at older powerboat hardware. So when Speedonthewater Facebook Friend Michael Levesque started a thread with the question, “Does anyone have classic older power?” on the page and the photos began pouring in, it struck a nostalgic chord. That prompted us to create a slideshow using some of the best images posted by various members of the public group.

As expected, it took a little Photoshop work. But it was a great trip down memory lane and worth the effort. We hope you agree.

Of course, we’ll always report on what’s new. That’s the essence of what we do. But we also won’t forget to take a journey—now and then—down a more nostalgic road.

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