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Gallery of the Week: Kids On The Water


At ages two and five, Warner and Liesl Jost are already big Sunsation fans. (click image to enlarge).

For our money at speedonthewater.com, there’s nothing cuter than kids on powerboats—preferably fast powerboats, of course. So just for fun, we put out the call on our Speedonthewater Friends Facebook group pageShow us your kids on the water.

x8arecesfamily 01

They start young in the Areces family (click image to enlarge).

And the response was overwhelming. Unfortunately, for the simple reason of specific horizontal image size specifications, not all of the photos made it into the slideshow above. Rest assured, if the photo you posted of your kid—or kids—on our Facebook Friend page didn’t make the cut it had nothing to do with the subject and everything to do with photo specs.

As you can see from the slideshow above, the future of high-performance powerboating is in great hands.

While the high-performance powerboat industry still struggles to attract new blood, this much is certain: The most likely people to become future go-fast boat owners are the children of current go-fast boat owners. Exposure, as they saying goes, is everything.

From what we see in the slideshow above, that future is in good—albeit tiny in several instances—hands. We’re sure you’ll agree.

z1 melissawenzlick

Meet performance-boat lover Melissa Wenzlick.

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