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Gallery Of The Week: New Baja Sportboats In Focus

Since Iconic Marine Group took over the Baja, Donzi and Fountain powerboat brands a few years ago, most of the news coming out of the Washington, N.C., facility has concerned new offerings and updates to existing models in Donzi and Fountain lines. But for more than a year-and-a-half, the company has been working on the Baja’s 24-, 27- and 36-foot Outlaw sportboats.

baja38outlaw 13A

Enter the 2020 Baja 36 outlaw (click image to enlarge).

Thanks to Iconic Marine Group public/media relations man Mark Spencer, we got a great look at the latest versions of those models in the Baja family. And now—thanks to a photo shoot organized by Spencer and handled earlier this week out of Day’s Boats, the company’s largest dealership, in Frankfurt, Ky.—we’re bringing them to you.

baja28outlaw 01A

Enter the 2020 Baja 27 outlaw (click image to enlarge).

“After two 18-hour days, the image bank at Baja has more than two hours of video and more than 200 still images ready-to-go for websites, social media, point of purchase materials, brochures and media outlets like speedonthewater.com,” said Spencer. “Better than words, the sampling of images showcased in today’s speedonthewater.com gallery demonstrates what Baja has in store for 2020.

“Looking for low sun angles to show the boats in their best light, the typical photo shoot day starts about an hour before sunrise and ends an hour after sunset,” he continued. “Along the way, it took about $3,000 in fuel, a team of almost a dozen people, approximately two hours of specialized helicopter time and a whole lot of nerve-racking moments as the boats are required to run side-by-side with a photo boat at nearly 75 mph. But through it all, Bill Day, the owner of Day’s Boats, was beaming. He joined the Baja dealership team about a year ago and was impressed with the resurging interest in the storied Iconic Marine Group brand. Day is convinced Baja’s best days are yet to come.”

For a closer look at Baja’s latest 27- and 36-foot Outlaw offerings, check out the slideshow above.

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