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Fully Dressed Factory Billet Engine Headed To PRI Show

Outfitted with its new Inconel headers and water-jacketed turbochargers, a fully dressed Factory Billet 1,650/1,950 high-performance marine engine (read the story) will be on display during the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show Dec. 7-9 in Indianapolis. The unique flex-fuel powerplant will be exhibited in the Precision Turbo and Engine booth during the event.

factorybilletengine 02

Visitors to this week’s PRI show this week will get a look at the first completely dressed Factory Billet flex-fuel engine.

“The Inconel headers just arrived this morning,” said Jim Schultz, the principal of the Lake Zurich, Ill.-based engine company. “Now the motor is 100-percent complete. Like the water-jacketed turbos, the headers were a full two years in development.”

After the PRI show, the engine will returned to the Factory Billet facility for extensive testing with the new headers, according to Schultz.

For closer look at the Factory Billet power package, check out the slideshow above.

“With the headers and the turbos, we’re are expecting to get a 150-hp increase, but we’ll keep the 1,650/1,950-hp and torque output the same,” he said. “We will be able to take some boost out of the motors, so they’ll be able to live that much longer.”

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