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From V-Bottom To Catamaran

dimichelemystic 04

Transitioning from a big offshore V-bottom to a big offshore catamaran, seasoned performance-boat owner Mark DiMichele (pictured here with his wife, Joanie) made all the right moves.

Before he bought a 2017 Mystic Powerboats C4400 catamaran from well-known go-fast boating community member Ron Szolack about a month ago, Mark DiMichele was a devout V-bottom man. The Canton, Mich., contractor who does most of his boating on nearby Lake St. Clair, started out with a 27-foot Donzi sportboat and followed it up with three more Donzi V-bottoms—a 33-footer and two 38-footers—before stepping up to an Outerlimits SV 40 powered by twin Mercury Racing 700 SCi engines a few years ago.

DiMichele and his wife, Joanie, loved their burgundy-hued, open-cockpit 40-footer—they ran it in the Boyne Thunder Poker Run and several other events this summer—but were ready for a change. “It was a great boat,” he said. “And a really beautiful boat.”

For a closer look at DiMichele’s Mystic C4400 catamaran, which he insures through Wozencraft Insurance Agency, check out the slideshow above.

That change came in the form of the Mystic C4400 cat with Mercury Racing 1100 engines owned by Szolack, who took DiMichele’s Outerlimits SV 40 on trade to make the deal happen. Suddenly, DiMichele found himself in possession of his first catamaran, and one capable of running close to 160 mph.

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