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Frisini To Offer Affordable Super V Light

Vendetta 30 SVL Race.30 Vendetta SVL Race.

Frisini Motorsports will offer a new Super V Light class racing version of its 30’ Vendetta V-bottom. Tagged the 30 Vendetta SVL Race, the single-engine model—a Mercury Racing 525EFI engine is standard for the class—will retail or $65,000 “plus power,” according to a press release from the New Jersey-based company, which builds all its models, including the Sonic and Spectre lines, in Fort Pierce, Fla.

”We are always looking for an affordable way to get our customers into a quality boat,” said John Cunningham, the company’s head of sales and marketing, in the release.  “This will give a lot of people the opportunity to own a performance boat that they can take to the races if they choose.”

In addition to the dedicated race version, the 30-footer will be offered with a removable hardtop and rear seating so customers can race on Sunday and boat on Monday. Standard equipment will include a full race canopy, race seats and a roll cage.