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Frisini Acquires Sonic: What’s Next?

Growth through acquisition—that definitely seems to be the strategy for Frisini Motorsports in the high-performance powerboat world. Earlier this year, the company bought well-known catamaran builder Spectre Performance Boats and immediately began retooling the line and planning new models. Earlier this month, the New Jersey-based company purchased Sonic Powerboats, a well-established V-bottom line. (Spectre and Sonic models are manufactured in Florida.)

“Our whole thinking is that we want to be a boat company that will offer every kind of boat,” said John Cunningham, director of sales and marketing for Frisini Motorsports. “We don’t want to have to tell you to go down the street to find the boat you want.

“I am in the process of looking at two other boat companies that will expand our horizons even more,” he added. “I think people will be really shocked with what we’ll be offering. We want our dealers to have something for everyone.”

Asked whether Typhoon Service Center in Toms River, N.J., which reportedly is being acquired by company principal Mike Frisina, will be the first Frisini Motorsports dealer to offer the Spectre and Sonic lines, Cunningham said he didn’t know.

“The subject has come up, but I don’t have an answer to that,” he said. “That’s not really a Frisini Motorsports deal, that’s a Tony Frisina deal. I don’t even know where they’re at with it.”