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Free Boating Radio Show for Black Friday

It’s obvious the day after Thanksgiving isn’t a big news day. So, with that in mind, I’d like to let all of you loyal speedonthewater.com fans know about the completely free and informative Bob’s “No Wake Zone” Radio Show—it’s my Black Friday deal to you. I met the host of the recreational boating show, Bob May, at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout and have gotten to know him well over the past few years.

Bob May hosts Bob's No Wake Zone Radio Show, which is streamed online.

Bob May hosts Bob’s “No Wake Zone” Radio Show, which is streamed online, for Missouri’s KDKD and KXEA radio stations.

May hosts the Saturday morning radio show for Central Missouri’s KDKD AM/FM and KXEA FM stations that is streamed live online so anyone can listen. And even if you miss the live shows, which cover news, events, boating safety, product tests and more, you can listen to them via the website’s On Demand Dock Box Archives section.

Of course, May has interviewed me a few times for the show. The latest interview I did was for last weekend’s show regarding the happenings from the Key West World Championships and Key West Poker Run. You can listen to the interview here. And let me remind you that I’m a writer, not a radio personality. Although May keeps bringing me back so I guess I’m doing something right.