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Four—More Like 70-Plus—Horsemen To Ride Again


Heading into its eighth year, the annual event on Wisconsin’s Lake Winnebago is sure to attract a fine group of folks for all the right reasons this weekend.

When you think of “destination” go-fast boating waterways—the kind you feel compelled to experience before you die—Lake Winnebago probably doesn’t leap to mind. That’s not a dig on the relatively narrow, 28-1/2-mile long Wisconsin waterway roughly 75 miles north and slightly west of Milwaukee, but you just don’t come across a whole lot of folks who say they’re dying to run there.

So why then will this weekend’s Four Horsemen Poker Run—happening for its eighth year—on the small lake attract more than 70 boats from the Midwest, Northeast and Canada? Why has Vinnie Diorio, a well-known member of the high-performance powerboating community who owns an Outerlimits SV 43 sportboat, religiously attended the run for the past five or six years? Why is Anthony Scioli, the head of Elite Poker Runs LLC, the organization producing the 2017 Erie Poker Run, Western New York Poker Run, Mentor Poker and Grand Island Poker Run heading to Lake Winnebago to check it out this weekend? Why does either Scott Sjogren or Greg Weber of Mystic Powerboats sales put it on their hectic schedules each year?

Because it’s really cool and casual, filled with good people and always delivers a great time—that’s the book on the Four Horsemen Poker Run, which derives its apocalyptic name from any number of literary sources, including the New Testament of the Bible.

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