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Fountain 32 Cat In Miami Leading Off Five-Boat Production Run

Visitors to the Fountain Powerboats dock display at the Miami International Boat Show will get a look at a new 32-foot sport catamaran from the Washington, N.C., company. According to Joe Curran, the chief operating for Iconic Marine Group—Fountain’s parent company—the 32-footer actually is the first sport cat “fully built” at the facility and the first in what will be a five-boat production run.

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Ready for visitors to the Fountain docks during the Miami Boat Show this week, this Fountain 32-foot sport catamaran is for sale (click image to enlarge).

“Between now and May, we will produce five Fountain 32 cats,” said Curran. “They’ll all start out with white gelcoat so customers can choose their colors.”

Listed for sale at $320,000 during the Miami event, the Fountain 32 cat is powered by twin Mercury Racing Verado 400R outboard engines. Curran said that earlier in the week, the Fountain crew ran the boat to 114 mph “without getting full rpm” out of the supercharged outboards.

For a closer look at the Fountain 32 Cat, check out the slideshow above.

“With the right propping I’m pretty sure we can increase the speed to the high teens, maybe even get it up to 120 mph,” he said. “But where it’s really, really fun to run is at 70 to 80 mph—that’s a blast. And it takes on big water really well. It feels like a 38.”

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