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Foster And Morris Set SuperStock 250-Class Speed Record

Earlier today on Coniston Water in England’s Lake District, Andy Foster and Charles Morris set a new kilometer speed record of 68.15 mph in their Powerboat P1 SuperStock 250-class raceboat. Part the of annual weeklong celebration/pursuit of aquatic speed known as Coniston Speed Week, the achievement was reported in a press release from the Powerboat P1 organization.

p1speedrecord 01

The bar officially has been raised for the Powerboat P1 SuperStock 250-class kilometer speed record.

Foster and Morris reportedly established the new benchmark for the single-outboard-engine V-bottom class during one of their final runs on the course.

“We were flat out when we hit the timing line and our outward run put us right on track,” said Foster. “But we know that the recorded speed is an average of the two runs so it was vital to let the wash settle and then aim for a perfect return run. Charles kept us both calm and now we are world record holders.”

Added Morris, “Waiting for the official announcement was more testing than being on the water, and I know that our families and friends in Yeovil and Cardiff will be delighted at the news. We are about to start our celebrations with our team manager and chief engineer, Duncan who has put his heart and soul into this successful record attempt.”

p1speedrecord 02

Andy Foster and Charles Morris.

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