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Formula Offering Powerboat ‘Personalization’ Through Flex Programs

Though Formula Boats has created its sportboats and various cruisers to appeal to a broad range of buyers, the company’s “Flex” and “Flex My Way” programs allow customers to narrow things down and personalize whatever model they choose. That’s the word from Scott Smith of the Decatur, Ind.-based powerboat company.

“We are calling it personalization rather than customization because we want customers to feel that it is their boat and unique to them,” Smith said.


Through Formula’s Flex and Flex My Way programs, a “basic” 38-foot sportboat such as the one pictured here could become one-of-a-kind.

The program has two levels. Offered at no additional charge, the Flex program enables buyers to personalize the hulls, interiors, helm stations and hardware/details of their boats within the range of the company’s existing color palettes, fabrics, other materials and products. Taking the personalization concept to an even higher level, the fee-based Flex My Way program is designed to give clients what they want outside of the wide variety of elements and interior design schemes and features that are offered as “standard” for the company.

(To watch a boattest.com video on the Formula Flex and Flex My Way programs, click here.)

“We really do not think there is another manufacturer out there who is willing, let alone able, to have the facilities and personnel who are nimble enough, talented enough and ready to pull this off,” Smith said. “As the program has evolved it has become very interesting. We have had some people who have done some pretty wild stuff. For the most part it is a little more subtle—but significant.”