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Formula Adding 35-Foot ‘Crossover Bowrider’

The Formula 350 CBR will hit the water in June.

Slated for a full-scale public debut in mid-June, the Formula Boats 350 CBR, which stands for Crossover Bowrider, combines elements of the company’s Sun Sport, Super Sport and and Performance Cruiser lines with an open-bow layout. Rather than go with a midcabin, a fairly common solution from builders that offer “big” bowrider models, the cabin for the CBR is located under the sole in the middle of the boat. Access to the cabin is provided by a door in the starboard-side helm station console.

formula350cbrhugeThe Formula 350 CBR takes the strong features of the Sun Sport, Super Sport and Performance Cruiser lines and blends them into a bowrider format.

“In some ways, the 350 BR is no different than any of the successful models that Formula has introduced over the years,” said John Adams, who has designed Formula’s models for almost 40 years. “You can expand on existing models you have and you will end up with an extensive product line. The Porters (the family that owns Formula/Thunderbird Products in Decatur, Ind.) are more comfortable with developing niche products, which is how the Sun Sports and Super Sports came about. That gives us the opportunity to stay light on our feet and explore new possibilities.

“This is another one of those niche products,” Adams continued. “The 350 CBR fits between Sun Sport and Super Sport lines and our Performance Cruiser line.”

formula350cbr2bigFormula went for a cabin below the deck rather than a mid-cabin for the 350 CBR.

Adams said that the 35-foot-long open-bow model was born out of consumer and dealer demand for a “big bowrider,” but no one at Formula was interested in developing a midcabin model. Instead, Adams opted to offset the walk-through to the port side of the boat. That enabled Formula to retain the Sun Sport and Super Sport-like cockpit amenities and layout, build a generous cabin below deck and create a large open-bow area.

“What we’ve done is convert a great day boat into a great day boat with excellent cabin accommodations and an open bow,” said Adams.

Editor’s Note: Look for updates with photos on the Formula 350 CBR on speedonthewater.com, as well as a complete feature on the new model in the next issue of Sportboat magazine.