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Former Powerboat Editor Joins Boatermouth

If you follow this blog, you know how much I like to report good news on Fridays so …

Eric Colby, former editor in chief of Powerboat magazine—I worked for Eric for several years—and a senior technical editor for Boating magazine from 1999 to 2009 has joined the Boatermouth.com group of writers. Within the next few weeks, Colby’s daily blog will start appearing daily on the site.

An award-winning writer with a broad knowledge of the powerboat world, Colby will focus on mainstream powerboats from 35 to 80 feet. The good news—make that great news—for performance-boat enthusiasts he will occasionally write about go-fast boats, a subject he knows as well as anyone.

Although we’re roughly 3,000 miles apart—Colby lives in Maine and I live in California—I cannot tell you how pleased and lucky I am to be working with my “old boss.” More than just a fine writer, Colby brings a passion to his work that is contagious.

Best news I’ve been able to report on a Friday in a long time.