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Forecast 2015: Marc Jacob—BoatsDirectUSA.com

In August it was reported that performance boat enthusiast Mark Fischer, who owns OffLeaseOnly.com and BoatsDirectUSA.com, was behind the acquisition of the Deep Impact Boat assets (read the story). Besides relocating the tooling and addressing some necessary changes/improvements to the line of 33- to 39-foot center consoles, Fischer’s impact on the brand won’t be noticeable to the public until the Miami International Boat Show in February.

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Two new Deep Impact models will be showcased at the 2015 Miami International Boat Show.

One thing Fischer did not long after the acquisition was hire Marc Jacob as sales manager for the expanding business. So, to answer the “what do you see coming for the performance boat market in the new year” question, we turned to Jacob, who is excited about the reinvented Deep Impact line as well as the center console market overall.

“Naturally we are excited in the direction the boating industry is going,” said Jacob, who is headed to St. Petersburg, Fla., today for the 37th annual St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show that runs from Thursday through Sunday (Dec. 4-7). “Since owners Mark and Eileen Fischer purchased the Deep Impact brand several months ago we’ve been working hard to change the way the finished product presents itself. The center consoles are one of the nicest-riding boats in our industry and we are fortunate to now have Eugene Uriarte (Black Water Boats founder/designer) and his team building the exclusive models.

“The flagship 399 Poker Run Edition from Deep Impact has captured a portion of the go-fast guys because they can run 70-plus mph with 10 to 12 friends aboard and still have plenty of room to move around when rafted off,” he continued. “At any given time you’ll find as many as 20 or so friends taking in the fun and sun aboard one of our boats. Because of that, we’re noticing more buyers leaning toward the center consoles.”

Jacob, who wished all powerboaters a safe and fun 2015 boating season, said BoatsDirectUSA.com is proud to have the diversity of being the exclusive dealer for the Black Water and Ocean Hawk lineups as well.

“Along with the performance, our boats offer luxury and style to give our discriminating clients the best of both worlds in a center console,” Jacob said. “You can see it in our retro-look Ocean Hawk 33, which is a reborn boat of legendary proportion with its conventional running surface that crushes big water and provides a stable, predictable ride, and in our Black Water 36 Sport, a new take on the 36 Sport Fish that was a big hit when we introduced it at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.”

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