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Florida Route Survey Requirement Poses Powerboat Transportation Challenge

While organized go-fast boating events, which typically attract many out-of-state participants with their boats in tow, fall off in the summer in Florida, a requirement that went into effect this spring will make hauling oversized powerboats into the Sunshine State more challenging. As of that April 24, the Florida Department of Transportation requires all oversized loads to have a route survey, and the survey must be submitted on the transporting company’s letterhead.


With the Florida Department of Transportation’s route survey requirement enacted earlier this year, hauling oversized loads—powerboats included—into the state has become more complicated. Photo courtesy/copyright Halsey Fulton.

Permit manage Jennifer Snow of ABC Permits LLC in Mapleton, N.D., reached out to speedonthewater.com to explain the situation.

“If you are over the legal dimensions of 8’6” wide, 13’6” height, or overall length or overweight you need a route survey,” she said. “This is going to cause a lot of problems for the trucking industry as every load will have to get a route survey.”

According to the Florida Department of Transportation requirement, “The Department is responsible for verifying the load carrying capacity of the route (bridges and similar load bearing structures). The applicant is responsible for verifying adequate vertical (height) and horizontal (length and width) clearances exist on route. No movement shall be made under any permit until the route has been surveyed to verify that the route can accommodate the vehicle and load.

“A survey letter must be maintained with the load during movement and produced to law enforcement and weight inspectors upon request. The survey letter must be on the hauler’s letterhead and include a signed statement verifying that the route has been surveyed, and that clearances exceed the requested permitted dimension by a minimum of 6 inches for height greater than 15 feet and 2 feet on each side for width greater than 16 feet.

“The surveyed route and the route shown on the permit must match. Surveying a route prior to movement of the load does not exempt the hauler from being required to obtain a permit prior to any movement. In addition, applications for permits for vehicles and loads with a height greater than 18 feet and/or width greater than 22 feet shall be supported by a survey letter from the hauler.”

Said Snow, “Even if you have a Florida annual permit, before entering Florida you will need a route survey,” said Snow. “If you have any questions on this subject, please feel free to reach out to us at ABC Permits.”

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