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Florida Powerboat Club Shooting For 50 Boats In Upcoming Tampa Bay Run

Thanks to an early Easter at the end of March, which enabled the Florida Powerboat Club to schedule its Tampa Bay Poker Run the following weekend in April without conflict, the Pompano Beach, Fla., outfit could have its strongest Tampa turnout ever. According to FPC president and founder Stu Jones, current registration for the event already is “in the neighborhood of 40 boats” with two weeks left remaining before it happens.

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Thanks in part to pent up demand for organized go-fast boating activities, the Tampa Bay Poker Run tends to attract a high-quality fleet. Photos courtesy/copyright Jerry Wyszatycki/Florida Powerboat Club

“It’s looking pretty good,” said Jones. “I think we’ll make 50 boats for Tampa, which would be a ‘rock-star number’ for that event. Tampa is always a bit of a roller-coaster ride with Easter, depending on when it falls. We ended up with about 40 boats last year.”

Jones explained that in his experience performance-boat enthusiasts who winter in Florida but live in the Midwest and Northeast tend to head home—and take their boats with them—after the Easter holiday. Having just one week between the holiday and the Tampa Poker Run makes the event “a natural transition run” for many participants.

“It gives them the opportunity to do one last poker run before they home for the summer,” said Jones. “We always follow Easter with the Tampa Run. Having both early this year really helps.”

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