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Flashback By Jay Nichols: Flying High with the E-Dock Crew

Six years ago when photographer Jay Nichols was steering the art direction for H20 Full Throttle magazine, the E-Dock scene on Oklahoma’s Grand Lake was blowing up. Foot for foot, few if any docks in the country boasted a greater concentration of go-fast powerboat hardware. Cigarettes next to Skaters, Skaters next to MTIs—the list went on and on. Nichols captured it all in his shoot for the magazine, and you can find all 95 images in his “E-Dock Rules” photo set in his Flickr gallery.


Nichols dedicated this Flashback Series shot of a soaring Cigarette to Lake Cumberland Marine, one of his major sponsors. Photo courtesy/copyright Jay Nichols/Naples Image. (Click image to enlarge.)

Times change, of course. H2O Full Throttle flamed out and the E-Dock scene cooled. But the images Nichols brought back, including some high-flying, over-the-top wake jump shots remain to document that moment in time when E-Dock was the talk of the powerboating nation.

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