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Flashback by Jay Nichols: Color Corps In Sarasota

In April 2006, photographer Jay Nichols headed from Punta Gorda, Fla., to Sarasota to catch the fleet in Poker Run America’s annual Sarasota Poker Run coming into the docks for its scheduled lunch stop at Harpoon Harry’s. Early as that was in the now well-known powerboat photographer’s career, he remembers the photo shoot well.


Taken at the beginning of his career, this photo above captured by Nichols inspired him to continue pursuing his career in go-fast powerboat photography. Photo courtesy/copyright Jay Nichols/Naples Image (click image to enlage).

“We had done one, maybe two, Fort Myers Offshore events at that point,” said Nichols, who is the non-profit club’s staff photographer. “It was the first large poker run I had attended. John Elway was there with his Cigarette. American Muscle is in the center of the shot. It was very exciting for a total rookie.”

Dedicated to longtime Nichols supporter Skater Powerboats, the image he calls “Color Corps” isn’t an action shot. And yet it inspired the photographer to action—to continue pursuing his subject—for years to come.

Said Nichols, “The image was the first one that really lit my flame for the game.”

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