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Five Signs Of A Promising Offshore Season

As anyone who’s covered offshore racing for even one season can attest, predicting the sport’s future is a fool’s errand. But several developments in the past few weeks and months have this particular fool thinking the 2020 season could be the best in almost 20 years. And that’s saying something given that the 2019 season was the best in almost 20 years thanks to the six-race American Power Boat Association Offshore Championship Series and Race World Offshore delivering a solid three-race event in Key West, Fla.

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Feeling bullish on your favorite aquatic motorsport? Here are five reasons you should be. Photo courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

Was there room for improvement? Of course. In any new venture such as the APBA series—the product of a successful collaboration between the Offshore Powerboat Association and Powerboat P1—and Race World Offshore producing the first of what will be five annual events in Key West, things can always be better. But the foundations laid down by all three outfits were solid, and the momentum is ongoing.

What follows are six relatively recent developments, in no particular order, to be optimistic about the 2020 offshore racing season.

Pastrana Joining Miss GEICO
Anyone who believes that ESPN or Fox Sports will drop current programming and start televising offshore races live simply because extreme motorsports superstar Travis Pastrana has joined the fray is delusional. But yesterday’s news that Pastrana, an absurdly talented and undeniably charismatic athlete, will be driving the 47-foot Class ONE Miss GEICO raceboat for the 2020 is hard to see as anything but excellent. For motorsports lovers of all stripes, especially the high-flying dirt bike variety, Pastrana is a household name with millions of social media followers. No one can predict how much attention he will bring to the sport, but his participation certainly will get people talking. And posting.

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