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Fischers Impressed with New 527 Nor-Tech After First Poker Run

While much of the eyeballs during the Miami Boat Show Poker Run Thursday and Friday were focused on several of the high-performance catamarans that were on display at the Miami International Boat Show several days ago, one V-bottom that commanded just as much attention as the “show-stopping” cats was the new 527 from Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats.

nortech 527a

Nor-Tech’s new 527 with twin 1,350-hp turbocharged engines was on display in the water at the Miami International Boat Show.

Powered by twin 1,350-hp turbocharged Mercury Racing engines, the new 527, which is the next generation of Nor-Tech’s 5000V with the larger cockpit and center-position steering and helm seats like its 427 and 477 siblings, was completed just in time to be at the in-water portion of the Miami show and be one of the paceboats for the Florida Powerboat Club’s annual poker run.

Commissioned by Mark and Eileen Fischer of Lake Worth, Fla., who own Boats Direct USA and Off Lease Only, the 527 features an eye-catching orange and blue paint job as well as an elegant look and feel from the upholstery and electronics in the cockpit to the fully loaded cabin. Although the Fischers are no strangers to Nor-Tech V-bottoms, they didn’t really know what to expect with the new ride.

“I can sum up the new boat in one word—amazing,” said Mark Fischer, who has owned several Nor-Tech models over the years, including Eileen’s Fifty, a 2009 5000V with triple 1,000-hp engines. “The boat ran fantastic today. You can’t even really compare this boat with the old one. The power, the way it handles, the acceleration—the acceleration is insane. Our old boat was no slouch but this thing is something else.

“You can cruise at 100 mph—yeah 100 mph in a 50-footer,” he continued. “Today we were running 100 mph at 5,200 rpm. That’s a testament to the Mercury Racing power plants. Those engines are the real deal. We are so thrilled with the boat and can’t wait to take it to all of the FPC poker runs and some other ones around the country.”

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For more images of the Fischers’ new 527 (as well as one image of their 5000V), check out the slideshow above.

According to Fischer and Nor-Tech’s Terry Sobo, the new 527 named Where’s Eileen Now? had a steady stream of people waiting at the docks to take a closer look at the V-bottom during the lunch stop and after the run.

“The boat really is amazing,” said Sobo, Nor-Tech’s sales and marketing director who made the run with the Fischers, his girlfriend Chrissy and three other friends. “We cruised at about 90 mph the whole way down today. Surprisingly it doesn’t burn a tremendous amount of fuel. At 70 mph, the thing gets 1 mpg. It was kind of cold here today, but we still had a great time.”

While the 527 was able to fly under the radar leading up to the Miami show, it’s apparent that won’t be the case when the Fischers arrive at their next poker run in the 50-footer. Look for a full feature on the 527 in the next issue of Speed On The Water magazine.

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