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First Multi-Media Review of DCB M41 Goes Live


While the story of the development and construction of the M41 catamaran from Dave’s Custom Boats has been chronicled extensively on speedonthewater.com, the first on-board, first-person review of the “Widebody” 41-footer called “DCB M-41: Story of the First Ride,” went live on riverdavesplace.com yesterday. Authored by Dave Johnson, the owner of the popular high-performance powerboating site, the story uses GoPro digital camera video clips to illustrate observations Johnson makes in the text.

“We used the video to demonstrate and validate the points I made in the story,” said Johnson. “For example, when I said the point ‘hops on plane,’ there’s a video link right below that statement that shows the boat hopping on plane.”

Johnson said he arrived at the multi-media solution—the article also includes a number of digital still images—for the story through his longtime frustration with traditional boat reviews in magazines. He said that visualizing what the reviewers were saying in the text was difficult at best. He added that he plans to use the multi-media in all firsthand, on-the-water features that appear on his site.

“We’re the first to use video in hands-on stories on new boats in this way,” said Johnson. “We’re not going to start doing ‘boat reviews’ in the traditional sense. But whenever we get on a boat and we write about it, we’re going to use video to validate what we write. And we hope to do this with a lot more boats in the future.”

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