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First Mercury Racing 540-Powered Sunsation Hits 92 MPH

Though Mercury Racing’s 540 engines have been on the market for a couple of years now, Sunsation Powerboats in Algonac, Mich., installed its first pair in a new 36 XRT sportboat headed for Captain’s Choice, the company’s longtime dealer in Destin, Fla. Company co-owner Wayne Schaldenbrand and a couple of Sunsation crew members put the 36-footer through its first sea-trial earlier today, and the boat reportedly reached 92 mph.


The first Sunsation 36 XRT sportboat powered by Mercury Racing 540 engines reached 92 mph today. Photo courtesy Wayne Schaldenbrand/Sunsation Powerboats

“It’s flawless—it drives like a dream,” said Schaldenbrand. “Throttle response is awesome. The (discontinued) 525s were pretty lazy right out of the gate. Well, Mercury solved that with the 565 and this one (the 540) is the same way. It likes to rock and roll. As always, the Mercury stuff just works really nice. It’s getting better and better.”

Next to the 36-footer’s performance, what Schaldenbrand said he appreciated was the sound coming from the twin big-blocks.

“Its sounds so good,” he said. “I like the headers on them. I know you have to pay for them, but I’m a header guy. Those engines have a good, deep rumble that I really like.”

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