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First Look: Statement Marine Delivers New 450R-Powered 360 Cat To Big Thunder Marine

Although it came down to the wire, Statement Marine delivered its latest 360 catamaran—the St. Petersburg, Fla., company’s fourth 36-foot cat—to the team at Big Thunder Marine in Lake Ozark, Mo., just in time for Wednesday’s Shootout on the Strip gathering during the 32nd Lake of the Ozarks Shootout.

Big Thunder Marine’s Ed Champion ran the Lake of the Ozarks-based dealership’s brand new Statement Marine catamaran powered by Mercury Racing 450R engines for a speedonthewater.com photo shoot this morning. Photo by Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix

Powered by twin Mercury Racing 450R engines, the 36-footer is a stock boat, according to Big Thunder Marine’s Ed Champion, who ran it earlier today for a speedonthewater.com photo shoot at the lake. Featuring a unique paintjob that was designed and applied in-house at Statement, the 360 ran well its first time out, Champion said.

“It’s a great-running boat,” said Champion, who had yet to drive a Statement cat before today. “I didn’t get to run it much today as we did the morning photo shoot and I took it back to the shop and the service guys took it out while I delivered a different boat. It’s been raining most of the day here so the boat has been out back on the lift since then.

“Mercury Racing’s Mike Griffiths is overnighting us a set of 35”-pitch props to test,” he continued. “Today, I got it up to 117 mph just to let it rip a little, and there’s a lot left. It handled well at that speed, too.”

Champion said the 360 is going to be on display at the Camden on the Lake Resort docks for Super Cat Fest tomorrow, and that it will be on hand at Captain Ron’s Bar & Grill—the host location of the Shootout—on Saturday and Sunday.

He has a feeling the boat, which retails for $420,000, won’t be around after this weekend.

Check out the slideshow above for images of the new Statement Marine 360 cat in action on Lake of the Ozarks earlier today.

“We love working with Nick (Buis), Craig (Barrie) and the team at Statement Marine,” Champion said. “They are a forward-thinking group of professionals who like to push things to the next level. Nick and Craig are very hands-on and they aren’t afraid to listen to feedback either. I like the way the boat was designed with the graphics running from the deck into the cockpit and all the way back to the motors with the two color stripes—navy and black— being carried into the upholstery with the half black/half navy look. The engine cowlings for the 450Rs even have the two different color stripes to match. They even put underwater LED in the tunnel of the boat so the whole thing glows.”

Barrie was proud of the Statement team that worked extra hours to get the boat finished in time for the Shootout.

“Our rigger, Edwin, painter, Cory, and William in parts, did an amazing job—as did the interior team, which designed the interior without seeing a finished boat,” Barrie said. “The entire group of Statement employees worked together to make it happen. Thankfully the leadership team at Big Thunder Marine ordered it and was willing to take a chance on a knockout presentation.”

Barrie added that the boat’s House of Kolor-supplied base paint is a variation of the gunmetal gray family with a hint of copper and metal that reflects extensively in sunlight. He said the blue and black accents are based in the knight black and navy metallic families, and that the white pins do a great job highlighting all of the colors.

“The asymmetrical deck design with the white pins pulls everything together—and the seats and the motors complement the overall design,” Barrie said. “You’ll find that gunmetal coming out of a Lamborghini that was recently presented at the car show in Genoa, Italy. It’s going to be the next hottest color here.”

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